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Our Mission

About the Frontenac ATV Club

The Frontenac ATV Club is a not-for profit volunteer driven association that along with support staff provides resources to our member clubs so that together, we are able to strengthen the public’s perception and the position; that our clubs strive to provide responsible, safe, legal, and environmentally friendly trails, for riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs & ROVs) in Frontenac County.

Frontenac ATV Club


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Become a Trail Warden

A trail warden is a dedicated volunteer responsible for maintaining and monitoring all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trails within a specific area, ensuring their safe and sustainable use. As a vital part of the ATV community, trail wardens perform tasks such as inspecting trail conditions, reporting hazards, maintaining signage, and providing assistance to trail users in need. Additionally, they serve as ambassadors for responsible and respectful trail use, fostering a sense of stewardship among ATV enthusiasts and working to preserve the natural environment for future generations. Becoming a trail warden is an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the ATV community while enjoying the great outdoors.

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